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Hey, I'm Seamus!

I'm a programmer with proficiency in game design and working on narrative-driven games.

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Recent Works

Wish You Were Here, Coming Soon

Wish You Were Here!

Out now!

ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area

ValiDate, Volume 1

Out now!

Solace State Cover Art

Solace State

Coming soon


Seamus (he/they) is a detail-oriented game developer with a BA in Game Design and a particular penchant for programming and implementing narrative in games. He has been working professionally in the industry for 2 years.By early 2021, he provided technical implementation for the digital-only horror adventure The Darkest House by Monte Cook Games. Shortly after, he joined Vivid Foundry, where he has since been working on the technical and level design of Solace State.In 2022, he worked on the Cartomancy Anthology by Compact, the first volume of ValiDate: Struggling Singles in Your Area by Veritable Joy Studios, and has been contracted for an unannounced narrative RPG by Party by Introverts.In his free time, Seamus can be found developing small, narrative-heavy games featuring queer themes and characters, or otherwise raving about Final Fantasy XIV, The Great Ace Attorney, and JRPGs. He hopes to bring his unique perspective as a gender-diverse and POC creator to the table, and he aims to create art that speaks to those who share his interest in dramatic and unabashedly gay stories.


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Wish You Were Here!

A group of friends tries to keep in touch online after life circumstances force them physically apart.

  • Programming, writing, UI

  • Slice-of-life visual novel

  • Released 2022

Solace State

In a sci-fi surveillance society, youth hackers’ acts of resistance shape friends and factions fighting for their livelihoods.

  • Generalist Unity developer

  • 3D cyberpunk visual novel

  • Coming soon

ValiDate: Volume 1

13 adults in Jercy City navigate new relationships and the harsh realities that come alongside them.

  • Programming

  • Visual novel dating simulator

  • Released 2022

Cartomancy Anthology

A collection of introspective and compact digital experiences presented in a virtual tarot deck.

  • Technical narrative design

  • Management visual novel

  • Released 2022


Three Olympian operatives are destined to cross paths in the wake of an emergent and highly coveted piece of technology.

  • Technical narrative design, UI

  • Cyberpunk interactive fiction

  • Act 1 released 2022

The Darkest House

A mega-adventure set in a unique realm of horror. A new type of tabletop product like never before.

  • Technical implementation

  • Horror TTRPG adventure

  • Released 2021


Scour an ancient forest, solving puzzles along the way, in search of your instrument friends.

  • Narrative design, art

  • 3D adventure platformer

  • Released 2021

A Game of Cards

A detective winds down for an evening at the bar and is approached by a mysterious man.

  • Narrative design

  • Queer interactive fiction

  • Released 2020

Commercial Works

ValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area

Anywhere can be the city of love if you’re willing to try hard enough, and some of these folks from Jercy City are desperate. ValiDate presents a smorgasbord of relationships to bear witness to— but the dating scene is difficult even when you aren’t marginalized in six different ways, so happiness continues to fly just out of reach for these unlucky lovers.


  • Script revisions for dialogue UI and overall functionality

  • Quality assurance, testing, and bug fixes for routes

  • Unity implementation using Naninovel engine

Solace State

Solace State is a 3D cyberpunk visual novel about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she empowers her friends in a militarized biotech society. Your choices in conversations, the kindling of relationships, and amid escalating tensions lead to multiple endings.


  • Character placements within levels and cinematography

  • System and tools programming for audio, shaders, and UI

  • Unity implementation using articy:draft 3

Cartomancy Anthology: Judgement

In a land after death, an amnesiac scarecrow has been given the unenviable job of becoming the Judge. Cultivating wayward souls who arrive at the Garden, they ultimately assess the goodness of the dead to determine whether those they guide deserve a second chance to atone or not.


  • Wrote dialogue for Fall special characters (Minh and Russell)

  • Technical narrative design, UI design, and programming

  • Maintained documentation, asset lists, and coordinated team

The Darkest House

The Darkest House is an mega-adventure that takes you into a unique realm of horror. The house draws upon a character’s memories and personal fears. It challenges their very notions of morality, family, friendship, love, and truth. The Darkest House hates you. The Darkest House wants you.


  • Revisions and editing validations for narrative content

  • Layout and organization of design documentation

  • Data entry and web-based programming for application

Personal Projects

Wish You Were Here!

A group of friends find their friendships put to the test as life comes at them a bit too quickly to process. Riley, who has recently moved, navigates relationships with their friends while making sure they don't push themself too far in the process. The gang promised to always be together... but now, things are changing.


  • Narrative and technical implementation of all game systems

  • Writing dialogue, summaries, and overall narrative outline

  • Programming, UI design, writing, and technical narrative design


When the lights go down in the city of Dion, the hunt begins. While the city's factions race to acquire the coveted HYDR4 drive, three agents become fated to cross paths. Play as the Selenean Hunter, and join the CHARIOT Operative or the Oneirunner, as you gun for the glory of your organization!


  • Developed and maintained narrative design documentation

  • World-building and wrote journal entries featured in-game

  • Technical narrative design, UI design, and programming


Spiritsong is a 3D musical adventure platformer. As the conductor of a now lost orchestra, you have been brought back from the brink by your mysteriously revitalized pavilion. Traverse the world, solving platforming puzzles along the way as you search for your instruments and the spirits inhabiting them!


  • Technical narrative, UI design, and programming

  • Maintained narrative and technical design documentation

  • World-building and dialogue for featured instrument characters

A Game of Cards

A world-weary detective winds down for an evening at the bar by himself, intent on relaxing on the night before he starts his final case. A wrench is thrown into his plans when a nosey stranger suddenly approaches him, supposedly looking for nothing but a friendly conversation.


  • Narrative design, wrote dialogue, and developed branches

  • CSS & JavaScript-based programming and UI layout

  • (Revamp coming soon!)


Wish You Were Here!

Visual Novel Dialogue

A group of friends find their friendships put to the test as life comes at them a bit too quickly to process.


Character Profiles

Figure out who you can and cannot trust in the city of Dion-3. Character profile sheets for production and internal use.


World-building & Codex Entries

Discover the beating heart of the city of Dion-3 by reflecting on your personal journal entries.

Cartomancy Anthology

Visual Novel Dialogue

Judge the transient spirits in the Garden, tend to their needs, and befriend them before they're gone.


Tutorial Dialogue

Meet Violin, a member of your orchestra, as he shows you how to make your wandering pavilion fly!

The Runeblood Blessing

D&D 5E/Cypher System Adventure

A mysterious ritual offers magical abilities to the ones who want it all. Criminals run rampant!


Trophy RPG One-shot

Delve into the horrifying phenomenon surrounding the first star to fall in centuries.

Wish You Were Here!: A Fresh Start

Conversational Dialogue

Gwon's Portrait

Chico (the jock!)

Gwon's Portrait

Riley (you!)

Gwon's Portrait

Abigail (the prep!)

Riley has recently moved away from their hometown, and is now trying to navigate keeping in touch with their best friends online. It's not the same though, and their moments to hang out in-person are now few and far between. Still, they try and find time to be with monsters like Chico and Abigail.When drama strikes the group chat though, Riley takes a moment to log off and reflect on everything that has been going on lately.

TECHNOLYMPUS: Codex & Character Profiles

World-building Sample & Character Profiles

Gwon's Portrait


Delphine Gwon is a mercenary, hired to retrieve the story's MacGuffin. She's rough around the edges and possesses combat prowess. Her main personality is determined by the player's choices.She records her thoughts on the various on-goings in the city in a "journal", which serves as the game's Codex and its entries.


Cartomancy Anthology: Judgement

Conversational Dialogue Sample

The Judge

The Judge is responsible for determining whether transient spirits arriving at the Garden deserve to stay. They're quirky and dependable, but can be cruel at the player's choice.Minh has lived a troubled life and has made his fair share of mistakes, but is otherwise a generally calm person.Russell tells a lot of dad jokes and comes off lighthearted, but he secretly carries the weight of the many regrets from his life.

Minh, the Bell Pepper


Russel, the Hyacinth


Spiritsong: Violin

Tutorial Dialogue Sample

The Conductor

Tasked with finding their instrument spirit friends in the forest, the Conductor is a kind soul who loves adventure. They're a 'blank-slate' character for the player's benefit.Violin seems rough-and-tumble at first, but he cares deeply for his friends. He gets along with the Conductor despite initially disagreeing with their choice of company.


Time and Again: College of Anachronism

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Bard Subclass

Dungeon Masters Guild Copper Best Seller

The Runeblood Blessing: Crime Spree

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and Cypher System Adventure


Trophy Dark RPG Incursion
for Trophy Trifolds! Session 2

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This is a convenient list of professional and commercial works I've been credited on, ordered from newest to oldest. Some of these projects may not be included on my resume or as part of my portfolio right away, so if you want to know exactly what I've worked on, this page is for you!You can find more details about what I did for most of these projects on the Games page of this site!Click on the Project for more details on what responsibilities I had in this role.Click on the Organization for information on the company I worked for/with.

2023ProofreaderMonte Cook GamesPlanar Resource Deck (5e Compatible)
2022Story Logic ProgrammerParty for IntrovertsUnannounced Narrative RPG
2022ProgrammerVeritable Joy StudiosValiDate: Struggling Singles in your Area
2022Technical Narrative DesignerCompactCartomancy Anthology
2021–presentGeneralist Unity DeveloperVivid FoundrySolace State
2021Application LayoutMonte Cook GamesThe Devoured Halls
2021DesignerMonte Cook GamesThe Runeblood Blessing
2021Application LayoutMonte Cook GamesThe Darkest House

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